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Miracle no dey tire Jesus

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No matter what we go through in life, we will overcome because God is still on the throne, he never fails, he can't fail and he won't fail. God does miracle and miracle no dey tire am.


What a might God we serve
What a glorious God we serve
Heaven and earth adore him
Angels bow before him
What a precious God we have.
He raised the dead, the blind they see
The lame they walk, when he speak the word
He raised the dead, the blind they see,
The Lame they walk, all these his done

Miracle no dey tire Jesus eh
E dey do am, he no dey bill us eh
Even if we dey try give up eh eh eh
He go do am He no go leave us ehh. |×2

Opara chineke is doing a miracle in my life ohoh

His Doing a miracle

Agu nechember is doing a miracle in your life oh.

His Doing a miracle. |×2

Wipe away your tears, Jesus is here
Cast away your fears, for he's here to bless,
That pain is gone, oh yes you've won
He has giving u victory,
All(giving u victory).
Do you believe him, cox I believe him, if you believe him, you will receive him,
It doesn't matter how long you take
If only you have the faith
Faith that can move mountain
Then your miracle is here to stay.

Back to chorus x2


I am well, I believe, I am rich, I receive, I am strong, I am healed, I am, I am,
There is no sin in my being, he is God of everything, he has giving me victory and this is my testimony.

Hard lip.

You are blessed, you are well, you are rich, you are strong, you believe,
You well eh eh, you are blessed, its time for you to receive your miracle.

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