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EBUBE DIKE is a song that builds ones confidence in God... I know this song will be a blessing to you.


Ebube dike 4x
Ebube dike 3x
You are, You are the one
Ebube dike 3x
Ibu Chukwu ebube

Who is the King of glory?
Who walked upon the waters?
Who created the universe?
Who is I AM that I AM
The one Strong in battle
At His feet demons tremble

And Who is the great and mighty living God
You are, You are...

Back to Chorus:

You are the one that we run to Baba God.
You are the only true Lamb of God
The name of the Lord is a strong tower,
The righteous they run into it and they are safe.
Ebube dike na nya
You are the only true God
The one hears our cry
The one that feels our warm

When I am in time of need ooo
You are the only one I run to
And You are the only one that will not forsake me, oh God
You won't forsake me oh God
You won't deny me oh
Even when will deny me
You will embrace me as a son
You will embrace me as a coheir.
Jesus I love you
Ebube dike na nya oh
The strong and mighty ruler
You are so powerful beyond description.
Jesus... My saving grace
The one that gives food to the hungry
The one that gives home to homeless. (TONGUES)
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!!!
My saving grace...


God bless you as you listen...

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