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One Word From God - Son of Grace

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Just a word from God can turn lives Around. At this present time all we need is one word from God.

Mathew chapter 8:8 Genesis chapter 21:1 & to all those due to the present situation and challenges. That would have given up have you lost hope? Why don’t you turn to the word of God.

Remember the story of the woman of the issues of blood she said if may touch the hem of his garment I must be made whole believers can I talk to you she believes in the word of God which means that there is power in the spoken word of God shalom & she was restored I prophecy to you out there through this anointed song you are healed you are blessed you are lifted Amen.

Download, enjoy and be filled with the spirit the message passed upon by Son of Grace (Child Of Grace) titled “One Word From God”.

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