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Yana nan Prod by Sol B

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This song is written with the help of the holy spirit to help us to be aware that God is always here with us and he want us to depend totally in him


The giver of life is here
My favour is here
My peace is here he has never fail
The calmer of storm is here
The giver of life is here
Way maker is here He will never fail
My redeemer is here my saviour is here
My Jesus is here destiny changer is here oo
He is here every day
Every where with me
He will never leave me
Yana na yesu Yana na
Yana na yesu Yana nan

Verse 2
Yana nan
Yana warkas da chuta
Yana nan Yana share Hawaye
Yana nan Baya kasawa
Yana nan Baya chanzawa
Yana nan Yana biyam buka Tu
Ya na nan Yana bada ilimi
Yana nan yasu Yan nan 2x

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